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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Happy 6months

we've been together for 6months..
how fast time flies..and i love every moment in it (^-^)

unfortunately when approaching our 1st anniversary..
some mulut2 dah mula tanya about etc..

1st time people ask me about that is just after my 2nd week marriage..
dalam hati i'm wondering..adakah soalan2 ini akan ditanya setiap hari oleh mereka2 ini..
huhu...sadly, its true..

yg paling tak best..manusia yg tanya tu dont even know my real name..
wth!!! as i'm remembered..i didnt do anything like they did to me in my life..
i tak pernah pun tanya my married bff after they 1month marriage about baby etc..
why people do to me like this??

thing getting worse when people knew my sister is pregnant.. (*delivered baby gurl olredi*)..
cant they see..all this things is about KUASA ALLAH terhadap hamba-Nya??

so that, i promised myself dont give a damn about them anymore..
like Encik CintaHati said, "org akan ttp bercakap,jgn peduli semua itu, kita akan terus berusaha"..
emm..after the berusaha word, he keep laughing..hoho..apakah??? (*-*)

to people who are b*tch to others..please get a life!!! haha (*sggh emo*)

to aeshly..kita usaha bersama ya..
psst..i link your post taw..thanks..

btw, read two is better than one: # 84 why is it so great to be pregnant?
..and u'll know why i'm so emo..haha