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Monday, August 30, 2010

Life Is Hard

Some people come into our lives
and leave footprints on our hearts
and we are never ever the same
by Flavia Weedn

Arini sesi finale all khabar angin tentang retenchment..
1 of my friend got to go..
It was so sad..when this thing happen who should I put the blame on??
marketing or management??
apa happened and put us in a very uncomfortable situation.
will i do the same thing if I running a company??
will i hurt my friends with the decision i make??
life is getting hard

the most thing i hate about retenchment is we have to say good bye to our friend

lab is so gloomy

no one ckp pasal cuti raya etc anymore

it was so de-motivated..benci!!!

i survived this round

but for the next still a big question mark for me

wat i have to do now is pray hard, de-stress and apply for as many as job i can..
hopefully a bright and wonderfull life in a near time

Ya Allah,
ku mohon rezeki dari langit Kau turunkan
rezeki dari bumi Kau keluarkan
rezeki yang jauh Kau dekatkan
rezeki yang payah Kau permudahkan

This entry is dedicated for my friend, lab-mate Mr M.R.I
dengan Aidilfitri yang semakin dekat,
Aisya yang growing up..
all seems a bit hard for you

Insya'Allah..we will pray hard for you and your family also for us also

p/s :: all pics credit to Google search

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